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Work-in-progress showing: Healers

Healers: work-in-progress showing
September, 4th 2020, 8 PM, Polanec dvorana, ZKM

Choreography: Jasna Layes Vinovrški
Performers: Martina Tomić, Ana Vnučec, Branko Banković
Assistant of choreographer: Dina Ekštajn

This project is a second co-production between Public and Private and Studio Contemporary Dance Company from Zagreb. Due to Corona situation, we were not able to proceed with the artistic process as planned, during which the dancers from Zagreb and Berlin would work together in both cities. We didn’t want to cancel or postpone the project. Therefore we came up with the solution of creating a piece that will be played by two different teams: one from Zagreb and one from Berlin. Jasna has been creating the work with both teams in their cities. End of October/beginning of November, at the festival Open Spaces in Berlin, both teams will premier the work. The premier in Zagreb is planned for the next year. Due to special circumstances, this work-in-progress showing is closed for the public because of extremely limited number of seats in the audience.

„Healers“ explores the phenomenon of “life coaching” by analysing various healing strategies from strictly medical up to alternative – spiritual fields. In the main focus is space where the performance is taking place. That space is imagined as a living organism whose relationship with people that inhabit it, is disturbed and damaged. This is a starting point from which the imaginary about developing different kind of the relationship between human and non human, healer and patient, stage and performers can grow.
The goal of this choreographic endeavour is, by using subtle humor that maintains a healthy distance from the divine, and encourages thinking about human abilities in creating different belief systems, to awaken a desire for different visions and imaginations of the world we live in.

A production by Public in Private/Jasna L. Vinovrški.
Funded by the Berlin Senatsverwaltung for Culture and Europe, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Zagreb. In coproduction with Studio – Contemporary Dance Company in Zagreb and Tanzfabrick Berlin