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Rythm Tam in Đakovo

Our well known performance for children Rythm Tam – The Fairy Tale of Rythm will be performed again, after long time, on April, 12th, 2021, Monday at 6PM in CZK Đakovo – The Centre for Culture Đakovo.

The number of the spectators will be limited due to the current epidemiological measures regarding coronavirus so hurry up and get your tickets on time!

We are looking forward to perform Rythm Tam again and see little happy faces in the audience!

more about performance

Ritam Tam - Renata Carola Gatica / Ana Mrak

RITAM TAM – bajka o ritmu   ✧   CAROLA GATICA / ANA MRAK   ✧   photo© :

Studio on Croatian National Television

In tonight’s edition of the Art a la carte show on HRT 3, at 9:17PM you can watch our dear Dina Ekštajn and Ana Mrak talking about Studio. After the show you will be able to see TV adaptation of Emergency Artist by Clement Layes. Don’t miss it and enjoy!


STUDIO YOUTH is a special program of creative education for young dancers based on contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and creative process with the support of dance pedagogues – members of Studio Contemporary Dance Company. The goal of this educational program is to prepare young dancers for the continuation of their dance education and for the work in the field of professional dance.
This program was active continuously until 2016 and many young dancers passed through it, some of them continuing their dance education on dance academies abroad, some of them joining professional dance projects produced by Studio Contemporary Dance Company, some of them working as active members of Studio in the present time.
After a long pause, Studio Contemporary Dance Company is starting again, in spring time, the program of education for young dancers STUDIO YOUTH 2.0. Due to the current epidemiological situaton, this year the program will be exceptionally held online, and will be based on creative research, goal of which is creating mini solo pieces which will be presented online on Studio’s social network pages and Studio’s web page, in the form of short dance videos.
STUDIO YOUTH 2.0 will be mentored by members of Studio Contemporary Dance Company through online education combining different approaches: group sessions live on Zoom, sharing recorded video materials and research processes of each of the selected young dancers with the guidance of a mentor.
Due to the online caracter of STUDIO YOUTH 2.0 this year, the number of participants will be limited to maximum six young dancers. Each participant will be assigned with one mentor. Duration of creative process is six weeks with continuous work with mentors online, in the period form May, 1st till June, 15th, 2021. The dynamic of the process will be determined individually, in agreement with mentors.
We invite all interested young dancers (age 17+) to apply for auditon for STUDIO YOUTH 2.0.
Tha application must include basic information aboust candidate (name and surname, date of birth, short CV) and a short video of the candidate performing dance material of his/her own choice in the duration of maximum 2 minutes.
Please, send your application to studio.suvremeni.ples@gmail.com till April, 20th 2021 the latest.