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Premiere: Healers, in coproduction with Public in Private

We are happy to finally announce the premiere of our new performance Healers, which was created in coproduction with our partners – Berlin based company Public in Private and choreographed by Jasna Layes Vinovrški. Healers was originally supposed to be premiered last year in Berlin, but due to corona crisis, it was postponed several times. So, now the premiere will finally happen – on July, 1st 2021 at 8PM in Zagreb Dance Center, as a part of Perforacije festival.

HEALERS is a co-production between Public in Private company from Berlin and Studio contemporary dance company from Zagreb. Initially two different “Healers” teams from Berlin and from Zagreb had to work together hand in hand on stage. Due to the corona crisis, the collaboration couldn’t take place as planned and the two teams will perform for now separately. However the work has been created and developed with both teams equally. Also the first draft of this work was made in close collaboration with Darko Dragičević, during the event series Flutgraben performances #1 in 2019.

Artistic team of Healers has the task of disovering and eliminating situations, unsolved problems, emotional and energetic stagnations which could have accumulated in the walls of the space in which the performance is happening. In this case, the space of Zagreb Dance Center is carefully examined: what is its history and how is it handling its current function as a dance theatre?

Concept and choreography: Jasna L. Vinovrški
Performance: Ana Vnučec , Branko Banković , Martina Tomić | (Berlin team: Cécile Bally Darko Dragičević , Jasna L. Vinovrški)
Light design: Catalina Fernandez
Stage design: Clément Layes
Costumes: Malena Modeer
Choreographic advice: Dina Ekštajn
Performance assistance: Mia Stark
Production: Valerie Terwei, Joseph Wegmann/ Tena Bošnjaković, Ivan Mrđen
Press: Aïsha Mia Lethen

Funded by Berlin Senatverwaltung for Culture and Europe, Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, the City of Zagreb, Foundation Kultura Nova. Production by Cie Public in Private in coproduction with Studio Contemporary Dance Company from Zagreb and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Very much looking forward to seeing many of you there!

STUDIO YOUTH 2.0/DANCE SONGS – presentation of dance videos

Studio Contemporary Dance Company presents


short dance videos created as a result of an online creative process Studio Youth 2.0

The main idea behind this project was to investigate different ways in which a poetic text can corelate with the body or dance performance. How can poetry be made from the physicality of the dancer and vice versa? The investigative approach was guided by the idea of silencing the rythm. Each member of Studio Youth 2.0 entered the creative process by bringing a poetic text by her own choice, which served as a basis for research. With the support of mentors – members of Studio, young dancers used words, thoughts, lyrics, figures, rythm and melody of the chosen poetic text, and approached the material through specific praxis, thus creating a unique dance vocabulary while, at the same time, not neglecting poeticity of the movement.

In the period from June, 29th till July 3rd, 2021 every day we will present one video, made in cooperation between each dancer, mentor and video maker Matija Kralj.

Videos will be presented on Studio’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

29.06. Ana Novković

30.06. Ana Kljujev

01.07. Ivona Mezulić

02.07. Jana Božić

03.07. Sunčica Bandić

Project Dance Songs is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media.

Rythm Tam in Ludbreg

Our well known performance for children Rythm Tam – The Fairy Tale of Rythm will be performed again, on July, 2nd, 2021, at 7PM in The Centre for Culture Ludbreg – Centar za kulturu i informiranje Dragutin Novak, in Ludbreg.

The number of the spectators will be limited due to the current epidemiological measures regarding coronavirus so hurry up and get your tickets on time!

We are looking forward to perform Rythm Tam again and see little happy faces in the audience!

more about performance

Ritam Tam - Renata Carola Gatica / Ana Mrak

RITAM TAM – bajka o ritmu   ✧   CAROLA GATICA / ANA MRAK   ✧   photo© :