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Ana Mrak – intro

Ana Mrak

Member of Studio Contemporary Dance Company since 2004

Ana Mrak – bio

Ana Mrak (1979, Varaždin). She studied at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and the Tisch Shool of The Arts in New York. During her studies she worked with Susan Quinn Dance Co., Davis Freeman and Random Scream, Hubert Lepka and Lawine Torren, Mateja Bučar and the DUM.

Upon her return to Croatia, she co-founded the artistic organization dance_lab collective , participated in the creation of several dance projects and created her first independent choreographic work, ‘Redrum Sessions’, which won the first award at the Platform of Young Choreographers in 2009.

Since 2004, she has been a member of Studio Contemporary Dance Company, within which she has worked with many renowned choreographers and theatre directors. She was nominated for the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists’ Award for her performance in Nastup/Onformance by Matija Ferlin in 2010 and also for her performance in Feral, by Sonja Pregrad and Ana Kreitmeyer.

In the last few years she has created or co-created several dance pieces and performed them in theatres and at festivals around Croatia. In 2017, she co-founded the artistic organization Nikad kraja with Roberta Milevoj.

She teaches contemporary dance techniques in Croatia and abroad, and is an assistant professor at the Dance Department of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

In 2019 she becomes the coordinator of artistic programming for Studio Contemporary Dance Company.

  • FIREBIRD   ✧   Nina Đurđević

  • HOUSE BOLERO   ✧   Nina Đurđević

  • MAGIJE   ✧   SSP   ✧   photo© : KRUNOSLAV MARINAC

  • Fantastic Species   ✧   Ana Kreitmeyer   ✧   photo© : Nina Đurđević

  • SPECTACLE   ✧   Irma Omerzo   ✧   photo© : Jasenko Rasol



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Ana Mrak

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