06 Oct 2020

Dance PUB QUIZ and AFTERPARTY after the premiere of SPECTACLE

After the premiere of Spectacle, we are

06 Oct 2020

After the premiere of Spectacle, we are preparing a real treat for all those eager to merge mind and body: the first Croatian pub quiz about contemporary dance! The quiz will be assembled and conducted by European quiz champion in the category of performing arts – Mario Kovač and the questions will tackle the history of contemporary dance all around the globe and also in Croatia. There will also be a special category dedicated to Studio Contemporary Dance Company. We will occasionally publish small chunks of information which could make its way into the quiz on our web pages and also on social media, so don’t forget to follow us here and also on Facebook and Instagram. The rules are simple: gather a team or come alone and apply for the quiz there, in Regular Bar, play and learn with us. And, don’t worry, You won’t have to reveal Your answers live in front of the audience. Every team (sitting around its own table) will have their own paper form for answers and the secrets of Your eventually wrong answers will go to the grave together with Your Master of the Ceremony who will, after the quiz, magically transform into a DJ and make You dance and burn away all the calories You will gain during the pub quiz. We are looking forward to meet You there!

Location: Regular.Bar, Ilica 65, Zagreb
Time: October, 10th, 2020, 6PM

You can also reserve Your spot and apply on studio.suvremeni.ples@gmail.com
The number of participants is limited!

Pub quiz is a part of Studio’s project Audience Development and is supported by the funds of Croatian Ministry of Culture.

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