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Studio Youth 2022

Programme Studio Youth 2.0 begins in Januaryu 2022 and continues till the beginning of July and includes:

-continuous work on contemporary dance techniques and improvisation with the members of Studio
-individual menthor work (technical and creative) with the support of the members of the company
-possibility of participation on professional dance classes/workhops of the company with guidance of selected Croatian dance artists
-creative process with a selected young choreographer with performances in professional conditions
-making of a dance video
-possibility of participating in professional production of Studio Contemporary Dance Company for 1-2 members of Studio Youth 2.0 – intergenerational performance choreographed by Matej Kejžar

Members of Studio Youth 2.0 2022: Ana Kljujev, Ana Novković, Dora Pocedić, Judita Tripar, Ines Borić, Lea Filipović, Isabela Eva Ljubičić

Dance video Summa Summarum was created as a result of cooperation between a young choreographer Nika Janković, members of the Studio Youth 2.0 programme organized by Studio Contemporary Dance Company and video artist Matija Kralj.

Summa Summarum is a visual expression of nostalgia as a recollection of the parts of ourselves which we no longer hold; an invitation to observe our identity as a summary of experiences in relationships and a personal message of gratitude for connection and longing for the parts of ourselves that have transformed in mutual contact.

Summa summarum
Concept/idea: Nika Jankovic Disney
Choreography: Nika Jankovic Disney in colaboration with dancers of Studio Youth 2.0 (by Studio Contemporary Dance Company)
Camera, montage, editing: Matija Kralj
Music: Darja Janosevic
Performance: Ana Kljujev, Ana Novković, Dora Pocedić, Judita Tripar, Ines Borić, Lea Filipović, Isabela Eva Ljubičić

SUMMA SUMMARUM from Studio za suvremeni ples – SSP on Vimeo.


Idea and choreography: Nika Jankovic Disney
Performance: Ines Borić, Dora Pocedić, Judita Tripar, Lea Filipčić, Ana Novković, Isabela Eva Ljubičić, Ana Kljujev
Music: Darja Janosevic
Production: Studio Contemporary Dance Company,programme Studio Youth 2.0
Thanks to: Centar mladih Ribnjak, Jelena Remetin

Murmurations is the second part of the work with Studio Youth 2.0. Where first part was speaking to an individual as a summary of all interactions, murmurations continues with an assumption that every individual already holds the world in himself. Together we researched grouping with a purpose of finding safety and comfort in groups. The performers take the challenge to be carried as waves in the sea current. Every body decisive, as a part of a whole, closes a full circle.

MURMURATIONS   ✧   Nika Disney   ✧   photo© : Nina Đurđević 

MURMURATIONS   ✧   Nika Disney   ✧   photo© : Nina Đurđević >  

MURMURATIONS   ✧   Nika Disney   ✧   photo© : Nina Đurđević  

MURMURATIONS   ✧   Nika Disney   ✧   photo© : Nina Đurđević