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Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran – intro

Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran

Honourable member of Studio Contemporary Dance Company

Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran – bio

Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran (1961, Zagreb) has been active for more than forty years on the Zagreb dance scene as a dancer, dance pedagogue and art director of the Studio Contemporary Dance Company.

She graduated from the Ana Maletić Contemporary Dance School in Zagreb in 1977, continuing her dance education at the Summer Dance Academy in Cologne, Contemporary Dance School in London, and Klein’s technique seminars in Berlin.

She also participated in a host of dance seminars and workshops in Zagreb.

In 1982 she was admitted to the London Contemporary Dance School.

As of 1977, Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran is a permanent member of the Studio Contemporay Dance Company and takes part in all projects organized by the Studio in the country and abroad.

She also performed in drama productions, musicals, rock operas and many TV shows produced by the Croatian Television.

As of 1980, she is also active as a pedagogue.

From 1991 to 2008, Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran is a permanent associate of the ZKM (Zagreb Youth Theatre) Dance School where she worked as a dance pedagogue and a choreographer.

In 1997, Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran became the art director of the Studio Contemporary Dance Company, the oldest Croatian dance company. Under her directorship, Studio produced about forty dance productions, many of which were awarded. The Studio has also developed a very well organized collaboration with many international choreographers. She has been focusing on the development and promotion of the Croatian choreographers through collaboration with young and talented Croatian dancers with the Studio’s professional dance ensemble.

In 2019 she retires, but still stays an honourable member of Studio Contemporary Dance Company.