28 Nov 2022


STUDIO YOUTH is a special program of

28 Nov 2022

STUDIO YOUTH is a special program of creative education for young dancers based on contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and creative process with the support of dance pedagogues – members of Studio Contemporary Dance Company. The goal of this educational program is to prepare young dancers for the continuation of their dance education and for the work in the field of professional dance.
After a few year break, this program was reactivated two years ago. We are very happy that we can say that out of the seven members of Studio Youth 2.0, four of them continued their dance education on dance academies in Croatia and abroad, two of them started working on professional dance projects – Dora started with her own work and Ana joined Studio in House Bolero.

After this year’s successive educational and creative process, we are continuing with a thoroughly structured program in the duration of six months. The program starts in January and last till the beginning of July and it consists of:
– contemporary dance classes (technique and improvisation) with the members of Studio Contemporary Dance Company
-working individually (members of Studio Contemporary Dance Company with youth members)
-creative process with a selected choreographer and performing in professional conditions

Audition is open for young dancers (16+) and the application must include basic information about candidate (name and surname, date of birth, short CV)
Please, send your application to studio.suvremeni.ples@gmail.com till December, 16th 2022 the latest.

The audition will be held on December,17th 2022 in Centar za kulturu Ribnjak at 1 PM

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