29 Jun 2021

STUDIO YOUTH 2.0/DANCE SONGS – presentation of dance videos

Studio Contemporary Dance Company presents DANCE SONGS

29 Jun 2021

Studio Contemporary Dance Company presents


short dance videos created as a result of an online creative process Studio Youth 2.0

The main idea behind this project was to investigate different ways in which a poetic text can corelate with the body or dance performance. How can poetry be made from the physicality of the dancer and vice versa? The investigative approach was guided by the idea of silencing the rythm. Each member of Studio Youth 2.0 entered the creative process by bringing a poetic text by her own choice, which served as a basis for research. With the support of mentors – members of Studio, young dancers used words, thoughts, lyrics, figures, rythm and melody of the chosen poetic text, and approached the material through specific praxis, thus creating a unique dance vocabulary while, at the same time, not neglecting poeticity of the movement.

In the period from June, 29th till July 3rd, 2021 every day we will present one video, made in cooperation between each dancer, mentor and video maker Matija Kralj.

Videos will be presented on Studio’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

29.06. Ana Novković

30.06. Ana Kljujev

01.07. Ivona Mezulić

02.07. Jana Božić

03.07. Sunčica Bandić

Project Dance Songs is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media.

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