12 Nov 2022

PREMIERE: HOUSE BOLERO, choreographed by Matej Kejžar

We are very happy that we can

12 Nov 2022

We are very happy that we can invite you to performances of HOUSE BOLERO, a project choreographed by Matej Kejžar by which we celebrate the 60th anniversary of Studio Contemporary Dance Company.

The performances will take place in ZKM on November 14th and 15th at 8 PM. You can reserve and buy your tickets at the box office of ZKM or online on the following link: https://www.zekaem.hr/rezerviraj/#1668384000_2000

The entire profit of the tickets will be donated to the familiy of our recently deceased colleague Mirjana Preis.


Concept and choreography: Matej Kejžar
Performed by: Drago Asić Lika, Andrija Laboš Jerry, Desanka Virant, Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran, Branko Banković, Ana Mrak, Ana Vnučec, Martina Tomić, Ida Jolić, Šimun Stankov i Ana Novković
Light design and scenography: Petra Veber
Photography: Nina Đurđević
Production:: Studio Contemporary Dance Company
Thanks to: Snježana Šolić, Damir Buntak, Igor Ekštajn, Milica Sinkauz, tehnical team of ZKM i tehnical team of HNK

This project is supported by the funds of Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, City of Zagreb and Kultura Nova Foundation.

It all started as an ode to Dance five years ago, with a common experiment on how to learn from dance, rather than on learning how to dance or how to be oneself. The crazy, odd, queer and idiosyncratic dance styles evolved around working with (respecting) physical presence, and
focused on kinesthetic writing in the matter of space and time, in an (under) common force-field, in a dynamic territory, and in a place where a constant change of dynamics is possible.
This time, the occasion is the 60th anniversary of the Studio Contemporary Dance Company. It is an intergenerational experiment with the dancers aged 21 to 69. Working with their bodies, with various ways of physical presence, and a passion for dance they inevitably bring about new implications: the writings of dances as a force that challenges the vast field of normalization.

HOUSE BOLERO   ✧   Nina Đurđević

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